Is it your ambition to be autonomous ? We grant independence.

What kind of small or large company, having already made the effort to work with a communications professional, has not felt that they have had to pay several times for very similar things? Do you want an example? To support your image, you decided to invest in a graphic charter to standardise your formats. This is then validated and distributed, and you think that the issue is sorted out and you are happy with the decision. That’s when your Sales Manager decides to come and announce THE news: he’s managed to obtain an unhoped-for meeting with his main 2016 prospect to present your company to the Board. “Congratulations Lambert! You’ve been on the lookout for some time now… When is it?” This is good news but the bad news is: it’s tomorrow night. The communications agency is contacted immediately to put together a customised presentation for this opportunity. A quote will be sent to you as soon as possible for this service. The meeting takes place and is convincing enough to lead to a second meeting with the Italian subsidiary and then a third meeting with the Purchasing department. Another two presentations need to be put together. There are other quotes to be prepared and a lot of time is dedicated to communication with the agency… And Lambert sees his aura fade very unfairly.

It is possible that you are feeling a sense of déja vu?

You need to know that it’s also possible to no longer feel like this thanks to the 3S technology (Self Service Solutions) offered by Agoranet, an expert in this technology.
Our 3S self-service platforms currently represent an autonomous solution for the publication of graphic documents.
Without experience or know-how in the area of graphic design, it is possible for you to take advantage of a professional quality publishing service in a Web environment.
These tools enable the creation and management of a range of communication documents, accessible by a set user group, compliant with your brand’s graphic charter.
Therefore a document to be distributed or printed in several languages can be created, modified, or translated at any moment, and with no geographical limits.

These solutions will make your investments in terms of communication profitable, by focusing on a set of templates which can be modified by any partner, whilst guaranteeing compliance with graphic rules defined in a charter. Each user can connect to the internet and manage their documents in an independent way in a secure environment that is brand specific.

This then ensures:
– centralised and joint resources for your user community,
– standard graphic appearance of documents, by automating graphic rules and specifications of your charter,
– an optimised investment, facilitated by the simplification and autonomy of document production.

Lambert, what have you got to say to us? Well, he’s known as Mr Lambert from now on.

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