How I got caught up in all this and “fell into the pot”

How about a game of “Find the odd-one out”? You know, the game where you are given a list of words and you have to choose the one that doesn’t belong in the list: communication agency, intuitive understanding of client quotes, cost control, reporting of previous periods, real-time monitoring of performance indicators.

Don’t tell me you see what I’m getting at!

It’s true then – we are always someone’s odd-one out. And from that point of view, Agoranet is somewhat the stereotype of our profession. With us, everything is traceable, measurable, quantifiable, is analysed, reported on… And I promise you that it doesn’t detract in any way from the enjoyment. Perhaps it’s because it’s very enjoyable to work transparently.

30 years of experience in pre-press, including 15 as a production manager allow me to fully appreciate our tool “Casserole”.

Casserole (“Pot”) is both a production and management platform, which enables us to see exactly where we are on any job at any time.
– time allocation by job and by profile,
– cost (sub-contracting) allocation

It’s reassuring for the agency, as we are able to measure the profitability of each job precisely, day by day. But it’s also equally transparent for the client, which eliminates any risk of misunderstanding for those who are not familiar with the work we do.
This process started by being used for large client accounts such as Airbus, but we ended up using it for all types of clients (including smaller accounts or even inter-group activities).
I must admit that I thought that there was a greater gap separating the search for rigour from the quest for excellence… I decided to play the “game” and I am now passionate about my mission. Through my role, Agoranet is attempting to optimise this tool all the time, whether it is on our side or by taking advantage of the platform updates (published by
And it’s really exciting to see this tool evolve at the same time as our clients’ perspective does.

So this is how I “fell into the pot” (nothing to do with Obelix’s magic potion and his cauldron) but it’s from old stories …

Stéphane Hocquette
Responsable de production et maître du temps, pour le bonheur des clients

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