A technophile? Yes and even more, technofree

Steve Jobs summarised Apple’s approach with this phrase: “What’s important is not what the machine can do but what I can do with the machine”. This is exactly the feeling I had when I integrated Agoranet. And coming from a 360 “traditional” agency, that changes everything. For your clients, for us, for the creativity of our responses… and for your level of expectation! Because here it is difficult to hide behind your so-called techno-knowledge to explain that “No, in fact it’s not possible… Well, yes but there are risks, especially budget-related risks… “. The technique is never a topic that comes before the idea, the concept… It must serve it, in the most discreet way possible. When your car is at the garage for a service, it’s not a question of knowing when to use a spanner, a socket wrench or a ratchet but to know that everything will be done in accordance with the highest professional standards.

The tool is not a subject, and certainly not a problem, but an ally.

In terms of communication, technologies are an ally as much as a danger as they can rapidly make us lose sight of the objective: the client’s need.

New tools are constantly being added to already well-equipped agencies and other graphic design studios. Technological monitoring is crucial. But be careful not to lose track: this mastery must not become a cult object. The idea is not to get caught up in playing scales like a virtuoso but to play the music which answers your need, your expectation.

Trying to be an expert in all the existing technologies has quite impossible for a long time now. There are too many, too many new elements, too much time needed to adapt…
Listening to the siren’s song that is to say, in the present case, the fascination for new technologies is both dangerous for advertisers and agencies. The risk? Confinement: having made a bet on such and such a technology, they want to make their investment profitable and systematically impose this on their client. Things are then done the wrong way round and customised projects are developed for technological solutions.

Being free from constraints connected to a certain technology, without neglecting them of course, allows us to ask the right questions, which is the right way of finding the right responses…
It is therefore only once the need has been qualified that we can connect to an open-minded technological mode. Do we master it? It will be done by us. If we don’t master it as in expert mode? We will recruit or sub-contract to one of our partners.

At Agoranet, we never lose sight of this vision. Because our real added value is in our response to the client’s need, not in the tools that we use. The real quest is one of meaning, not one of technology.

Francisco Igréjas
Project Leader chez Agoranet, agence experte en satisfaction client.

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